Competencies of the office

Business Law

We specialize in business law and advise you and/or your company in all legal questions, which arise in the economic life. We also set up companies, perform necessary reorganisations, prepare the necessary entries in the company register and assist you with the purchase and sale of companies. If you wish to enforce your legal rights in court, you can keep yourself informed any time about the status of the case through our file inspection on the Internet.

Inheritance law, in particular with an international dimension

We are pleased to represent you in all matters of inheritance law, including the enforcement of your claims in court, as it was in our famous painting-case „Lady in Gold“ of Gustav Klimt. Here our expertise is the handling of inheritances with cross-border connections, in particular according to Anglo-American, Ukrainian and Russian inheritance law.

Real Estate law

We support our clients in the acquisition and financing of real estate, the execution of purchase contracts, the overtaking of trusteeships and all other contracts in connection with real estate, and in particular the establishment of condominium ownership. The law firm has decades of experience in handling property development projects in accordance with the law on uncompleted construction (BTVG). We also cover tenancy law and residential property law.

Eastern Europe

We can advise clients from Eastern Europe in Russian and Ukrainian language. We can advice you on overcoming migration barriers and setting up companies. We help our clients to avoid mistakes when acquiring real estate in Austria and take care of approvals by the land registry authorities.

Execution law

It is not only important to win a case, but also to make the claims enforceable. That is why the law firm specializes in the enforcement of claims against contractors (B2B), with all the executive steps that are effective for high-value claims. The office specializes in the execution of forced administration of companies for the collection of open claims and in the enforcement of foreign legal titles.