Lawsuit cost calculator

Here you can calculate the expected costs for a lawsuit. Please answer the following questions and then click 'Calculate'.
1. Do you run your business outside of Austria?
2. Is the claim denied by the other party?
3. Is it a “simple” claim? see note below
4. Is an execution procedure necessary?
5. Amount of the claimEUR
Note to question 3: “Simple” claims are usually loan claims, purchase price claims for movable property, claims for payment of wages, work remuneration, claims for payment of rent and claims for payment of an insurance premium. The rest are “normal” claims (e.g. claims for damages in traffic accidents).

Note:Please note that the cost calculator is an estimation only. No responsibility can be taken for the accuracy and actuality of the information. The actual legal costs, especially in the case of disputed claims, depend on the scope of the proceedings (number of litigations, expert opinions, following appeal proceedings, etc.). In the case of disputed claims, it was assumed for simplification that two court hearings are necessary. One court hearing of 1 hour for the preparatory and another court hearing for 3 hours for the taking of evidence. In the case you run your business outside of Austria, VAT was excluded due to the existence of internal community supplies. In the event of a loss of process, however, the costs of the opponent shall be remunerated.

Status 2019